Horiso® Climate Ready 

Horiso's commitment and action to reducing the effects of climate change has resulted in our development of a Climate Ready™ status for projects that fit this criteria including:

  • Designed to fully utilize the environmental conditions of a building and its surroundings
  • Manufactured with recycled materials to conserve natural resources
  • Local manufacturing and assembly to reduce transportation impact
  • Installation and operation by a Dynamic Facade Control system to minimize energy consumption and maximize the use of natural daylight.

A Horiso® Climate Ready solution encompasses consideration of:

  • A building’s location including the geographical position, sun angles, reflected glare from other buildings and natural environment such as city or country position
  • A building’s orientation and the glazed areas on different facades
  • Robust products and systems needs due to extreme weather exposure
  • The architectural requirements of the building.

The manufacturing standards of a solution are:

  • Conservation of energy and water during the entire supply chain process
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Low impact on air quality during manufacturing
  • Reduction of waste material
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Recycling of product components
  • Producing products with exceptional durability and low maintenance.

The key to Horiso’s Climate Ready solution is the integration of its energy efficient Horiso® Solarai Facade Control system. The system is a two motor controller designed specifically for the operation of motorized shades. It is compatible with all Horiso Louver shading products. In addition to controlling two motors, each controller is capable of accepting six dry contact inputs. Programmable Layers allow for the addition of sensors and A/V system integration. The controller can operate stand-alone or networked using BACnet/MSTP over RS-485. Benefits include:

  • Operates any motorized element of the facade
  • Controls solar heat gain
  • Improves solar heat loss and heat gain insulation
  • Manages glare.
  • Maximizes the use of natural daylight
  • Reduces air conditioning loads and operating costs
  • Provides remote accessibility - low impact on the environment through reduced carbon emissions
  • Achieves higher productivity from improved internal environmental quality (IEQ)
  • Gives a dynamic impact on a building’s façade.

The Horiso® Dynamic Façade Control System responds to signals or inputs from devices such as sun and wind sensors, switches, remotes, timers, or a combination of all five.

By combining the use of green building materials with innovative thinking and smart control systems, Horiso® has created tangible business benefits and sustainable solutions to ensure all future residential and commercial building projects will be more energy efficient and Climate Ready.