Horiso® Specialty Louvers

Horiso® Specialty Louvers deflect thermal gain at the same time as incorporating light control into the building. They can be either fixed or adjustable, and can be configured either horizontally or vertically across the glazing in accordance with the nature of the sun angles projecting onto the facades of a building.

Main features

  • Can project horizontally out above the glazing when mounted in a panel configuration.
  • Engineered to withstand loads from wind and snow/ice and can be designed for easy removal when required.
  • Single piece extruded louvers can range from 4" (100 mm) to 24" (600 mm) tip to tip.
  • Fabricated louvers can be made to suit nearly any size requirement and can be perforated to modify their performance.
  • Extruded louvers are more durable and come in a range of shapes and profiles.
  • Typically constructed out of metal (aluminum or steel), but other options are available, including glass and wood.

Main benefits

  • Control of natural light and effective deflection of heat gain and glare into buildings.
  • Aluminum louvers usually have an anodized aluminum finish to ensure long product life and minimal maintenance.
  • All finishes including polyester powder coating and Horisocote painting are resistant to sun or weather damage, thus requiring minimal maintenance and a prolonged life-span.
  • Larger fins allow greater outward visibility whilst smaller fin sizes allow for more precise solar control.
  • Louver shapes, composition and finish can be used to create specific day-lighting effects as well as establishing different aesthetic requirements.
  • Larger fin widths use more robust systems, thus withstanding greater wind and snow loads.
  • A five year warranty applies to all components, including operating mechanisms and controls.


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