Horiso® Retractable Horizontal Louvers

Horiso® Retractable Horizontal Louvers are externally and internally installed and offer maximum solar control. The louvers can be raised, lowered and tilted and are suitable for a variety of applications. The louvers are available in a range of sizes, finishes and colors. 

Key features

  • System operation - lowers, tilts and fully retracts.
  • Aluminum's innate properties provides - high radiation reflection, low radiation absorption and low transmission values
  • High quality and durable components include:
    Stainless steel 316 marine grade for cable guide, mushroom head and termination components
    25 micron anodized finish on brackets and head rails.
    Stainless steel tension brackets
    Kevlar reinforced lifting tape and ladder braid
    Heavy duty extruded aluminum fixing brackets and L-shaped termination bracket
    (AA 6060.  25 micron clear anodized finish. Powder coating optional).
  • Cable punch inserts (Acetal polyoxymethylene - POM)
  • Strong wind resistance of up to 56 mph (90kph)1 (Independently tested)
  • Large range of:
    Flexible aluminum slats
    Sustainable wood slats
    Motor options
    Custom colors and finishes.
  • Component options available:
    Perforated or non-perforated slats
    Top or face fixing pelmets
    Standard or custom designed pelmets, base rails and terminations.
  • Recycled content include:
    90% recycled aluminum AA 5050 slat material
    30% recycled aluminum AA6060 and AA 6063 structural aluminum for pelmets, head rails, brackets and base bars.
  • System contributes to energy savings
  • Maximum width 20 ft. (6 meters)
  • Maximum drop 30 ft. (9 meters)
  • System applications include:
    New building or retrofit existing building
    External, double skin facades and internal.
  • Automated control options include:
    Remote control
    Home automation
    BacNet, KNX and other control systems
    Touch phone and hand held devices.
  • BIM 3D modeling system integration including Rivet and ArchiCAD formats.
  • Extended warranty.

    1 Capability depends on installation, exposure and control system. Nominal wind loads are 48 mph (77 kph). System complies with AS1170.2.

Key benefits

  • System operation:
    Minimizes thermal heat gain up to 93%, reducing air conditioning costs. 1
    Maximizes interior daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting
    Controls solar glare to reduce eye irritation and improve working conditions
    Optimizes shading at varying sun angles
    Privacy easily managed
    Easy access for cleaning glazing
  • Aluminum's innate properties alone reduce heat entering a building
  • Aluminum's effective energy performance reduces the amount of floor space required for mechanical cooling/heating plant
  • High quality and durable components:
    Withstands snow/ice and other extreme weather conditions
    Provides years of reliable operation with minimal maintenance.
  • High wind resistance system:
    Head rail, slats, cable guides and extruded aluminum bottom rail are engineered to withstand wind loads of up to 56 mph (90 kph)
  • Recycled content contributes to less greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing
  • Large range of materials, colors and finishes increases scope for architectural design choices
  • System can be integrated with all building management systems including BACnet and KNX. These contribute to low energy consumptions and the reduction of a building's carbon footprint
  • Optional perforated slats allow various degrees of openness to maintain exterior views even when closed
  • Systems can be manufactured to accommodate large openings in order to reduce overall costs
  • Manufacturing and component options cater for construction flexibility
  • Control options can include the integration of image facade technology and FIM (Facade Intelligence Modeling), a function of the controller.
  • BIM 3D modeling program enables professionals to visualize, analyze and document the integration of Retractable Horizontal Louvers into project proposals. Modeling results will demonstrate performance levels - cost, scheduling and environmental impact
  • Five year warranty applies to all components including operating mechanisms and controls for the Horiso® AK product series
  • Three year warranty applies to all components, including operating mechanisms and controls for the AK- N series.

    1 Subject to three variables
        1 Glazed facade - single, double, ventilated or gas filled
        2 Slat - size, color, finish and angle
        3 Control system choices.
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