Horiso Retractable Horizontal Louvers in double skin/ventilated facades

Architects and builders are now shifting towards designing and constructing buildings with double skin facades with vents to allow air movement between the two surfaces.

Installing Horiso® Retractable Horizontal Louvers between the two skins allow for greater control of the solar energy passing through, depending on environmental conditions. In the winter months, the vents can be kept closed and the blinds open to allow solar energy to enter the void and act as an insulator by keeping the warm air between the two surfaces. Conversely, in summer, the blinds can be kept closed and the vents open to allow warm air 
to escape.

Main features

  • In summer, louvers remain partially or fully closed, absorbing and reflecting solar energy to shield the interior from solar gain. Vents at the top and bottom of the void (or on each floor) then open, allowing warm air to be continually replaced with cooler air via the stack effect.
  • In winter, blinds remain mostly open and are operated to maximize passive solar heating, except as needed for glare control. Facade vents remain closed, creating a thermal barrier of warmer air in the void.

Main benefits

  • Building energy requirements are lower for heating and cooling.
  • Long-term financial savings.
  • Provides significantly higher levels of environmental control.
  • Controls glare and solar gain effectively.
  • A five year warranty applies to all components, including operating mechanisms and controls.


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