Horiso® Retractable Horizontal Wood Louvers

The installation of Horiso® Retractable Horizontal Louvers using wood, controls internal solar heat gain and glare while maximizing natural light.
Architecturally, Horiso® Retractable Horizontal Wood Louvers, evoke a rich feeling of warmth within the building as well as presenting a lighter appearance.

Horiso's approach includes only using wood from environmentally responsible sources that guarantee the sustainability of the plantation. The high quality wood and mill processes provide long term benefits including product appearance, strength and operation. In addition, wood stability is high, leading to increased longevity. During installation the louvers are perfectly aligned, enhancing the quality of the product internally and overall facade design. Motorized control will automatically raise, lower and tilt the slats. Energy efficiency levels are optimized, contributing to the higher Green Star rating credentials.

Main benefits

  • Control of natural light, including reflecting light onto ceilings and distributing light further into rooms.
  • Automatic tilting of the slats optimizes shading at varying angles, managing thermal gain.
  • Glare from the sun is controlled, reducing eye irritation and improving computer screen visibility.
  • Optimum privacy obtained with an available tilt angle of 165˙. (AK-N system only).
  • Advanced automated timber imperfection removal.
  • Edge-grain, edge-glue lamination gives greater strength to slats.
  • Advanced drying method of wood before manufacturing ensures greater expansion and warping stability after installation.
  • Milling and sanding practices provide a high quality structurally sound surface with improved sealer coat adhesion and finish longevity.
  • Wood stains available to complement color patterns.
  • Full automation and sun-tracking capabilities via controller.
  • Integration with intelligent controls.

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